Disclaimer:These rules do not in any way relate to ways you should behave on other wikis

Please do NOT:Edit
  • Be a vandal
  • Be a dick towards other users
  • Flame other users
  • Troll around
  • Post pornography
  • Use very offensive launguage or post offensive pictures
  • Add unconstructive information/images/spam to articles
  • Edit boost
  • Violate these rules
  • Undo vandalism
  • Report vandals/trolls/flamers
  • Remove offensive images
  • Warn vandals before telling an administrator
  • Assume good faith
  • Add constructive information/images to articles
  • Make templates
  • Notify an administrator about repeat offenders
  • Keep this wiki a good place for others
  • Follow these rules


All editors are equal here. No one is better than someone else. Administrators and 'crats don't get special treatment.

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